2016 Personal Report Card

  1. Motivated
  2. Present
  3. Open

Those are the three words I chose on January 1, 2016 to focus on for the year. Those were my intentions. I was going to stay motivated to get physically fit, I was going to work on being present and not so engrossed in my cell phone, and I was going to be more open. 

How'd I do? 

Motivated - C+ 

I didn't do as well as I would have liked. We quit the gym because the people who work there didn't make me feel safe or welcome. I took some Mind Body Barre classes, but not as many as I should have. I tried doing home work-outs, but I'm not good at making myself do them. I don't have any self discipline. I tried Bikram Yoga and enjoyed how much I sweat and the mental escape the practice provides, but I didn't like the overall vibe of the studio, so I stopped going. I took my first spin class and absolutely loved it but, at my very first class, I tore the TFCC ligament in my wrist and have been in a cast for the last 5 weeks. Prior to that class, the goal was to do 2 spin classes per week, 1 yoga class, and 1 barre class. I hope that once this wrist business is healed, I can get back to that goal. 

Present - B

I have been much better at putting my phone down, especially when we're out in the world, but at home, too. I have always been a person, even when I was a kid, that is easily distracted and mesmerized by visuals (television, video games, digital billboards... basically anything on a screen). That's one of the reasons I went to school for TV, Radio, Film! When smartphones became a thing, I could have a screen with me everywhere I went. I would tune out the rest of the world. Chantelle could talk "at" me for minutes and I wouldn't hear a word she said. I would be out to dinner with friends and check my phone. In 2016, I did a much better job of being present. Listening. Hearing. Digesting. Connecting. Following up. Reaching out. I see a noticeable difference in the quality of my friendships. Chantelle still has to make sure I'm listening sometimes, especially if I'm on the couch and Murder, She Wrote is on, but I've been significantly more present than I was in 2015.

Open - B+

Well, I certainly didn't have a blog in 2015 and, even if I did, I wouldn't have shared "Other." Yes, it's password protected, but my story is now out there in the universe. I've also consciously opened my shoulders when I walk and keep my chin up. I engage and make eye contact. I answer any question anyone has about my life. I feel like an open book and that makes me happy. I don't like to feel like I have secrets. I don't like to feel like I should be ashamed of who I am. I still have some work to do, but I definitely stepped in the right direction! 

Now, off to set my intentions for 2017...