Short Story: Bookflix

Netflix become a public company in 2002 and Chantelle and I signed up for a monthly subscription shortly after. Prior to Netflix, like everyone else, we rented movies from Blockbuster Video. Eight out of ten times we'd leave the store empty handed. No exaggeration, there was an instance where we roamed the aisles of the store for over an hour and left with nothing. We'd either seen every movie that was available, they had run out of the movie we wanted to see, or we couldn't find something we both were in the mood to watch. With Netflix, we could look through thousands of movie titles (on DVD!) and pick a few to be shipped to our house for a monthly fee.  

One day, we were in the car discussing this new business model, the new technology, and the number of movies we could now get our hands on. 

And then, I said it. 

"There should be a Netflix for books." 

Chantelle paused, looked at me with kindness but also a pinch of sarcasm, and said...

"Do you mean the library?" 

Be kind, rewind. Yep, I meant the library. 

Ever since the Bookflix incident, whenever one of us says something that we haven't really thought out, the other DG will say, "There should be a Netflix for books."